Liven up your day with this quick well-rounded flow class that will get you going. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket


Lisa D.


Nice flow practice when short on time!



Tim - you're still one of my all-time favorite instructors. I started watching you on YouTube a couple of years ago and I'm so glad to find you here in My Yoga Works. Thanks for this heat building, quick flow!

Annette R.


LOVE this class! definately burned some calories as well as strengthened my muscles. Love Tim's calm straightforward way of leading the class.

Charmaine W.


Warmed up pretty darn quickly on this chilly October morning, and even got a bit of a glow on. Thanks Tim :)

Kara R.


I really love the way it made me work, but slightly too quick on my first time. I'll need to continue doing it before I feel comfortable with the quick pace.

Ashley M.


absolutely love this quick class

Tammi C.


This will be one of my favorite morning routines. Thanks.

Kate T.


Nice quick little practice hitting lots of poses and body parts. Good focus on breath and nice instruction from Tim. Thank you!

Julia C.


This class clocks in just shy of 25 minutes. It's good if you want to build some heat but not overexert yourself in a short amount of time. As you can tell from the name, be prepared to do lots of vinyasas. You will also work in a little balance with Warrior III and a couple twists. You'll spend the last few minutes on the floor to unwind. I did still felt like my upper back and shoulders were a little tight after class but maybe that's just me.



I didn't get my yoga in this morning so this was my ending to a long Monday. A lot covered in 20 minutes. Perfect when you are short on time. Namaste!


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